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Run code-server with Apache

July 24, 2021 chris 0

code-server is nothing short of amazing. A fully-fledged VSCode environment running in a browser means I can jump from one machine to another, including my […]

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Responsive Lazy Loading

November 18, 2020 chris 0

Lazy loading, a web development that holds off on loading images until they are needed, is a great way to speed up your website. When […]

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Bootstrap 4 CSS Breakpoints

September 1, 2020 chris 0

Ever wondered exactly what the breakpoints are the Bootstrap 4 media queries? Well, wonder no more! Obviously you can create your own media queries using […]

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I Hate Regex

March 27, 2020 chris 0

This is super useful – a list of common regex functions like email, phone number etc. and a cheatsheet to help you build your own. […]