eBook Tax Rises to hit publishers, retailers, and writers

Publishers and retailers will face soaring eBook prices when a new European-wide VAT law on digital products is introduced on 1st January 2015.

Will retailers absorb the cost or will writers find their royalties squeezed as the cost of doing business in the UK rises.

Amazon's Fire Phone Burns Out

The Amazon Fire phone is a flop, officially, generating a $170 million deficit for "inventory evaluation and supplier commitment costs" in Amazon's latest earnings report.

Where did it go wrong?


"I love the Oxford comma, and I am not ashamed of this."

The Magpye Circus is now free to all GoodReads Users

GoodReads users, worldwide, can now download The Magpye Circus in .epub format for free.

Sublime Text 3: The perfect editor for Nanowrimo

I'm something of a plain text fetishist and I've been searching for a long time for the perfect text editor for carving out my 50K word target for this year's NanoWriMo.

For short documents, both UberWriter and FocusWriter have been favourites of mine. For longer documents, including my last novel, I opted for Scrivener.

This year, I'll be using Sublime Text 3.

Kindle Scout - The New Kickstarter for Authors?

Amazon US are rolling out a new programme called Kindle Scout.

Kindle Scout is crowd-sourcing of public opinion for Amazon's new publishing arm, and it works like this...


"Today could be the day that I dump Scrivener for Sublime Text..."


"Call it a crime against nature if you will, but I am in love with my Cherry MX Blue keyboard."

Seven Rules The Justice League Movie Needs To Follow

A short list of the seven things I think the JLA movie absolutely needs to learn from the DC Animated Universe before we reach the Justice League movie.