Featured Application

Bubble Comic Book Scripting Software V2.0

The latest version of Bubble, the Free Comic Book Script Writing Web Application, is now online.

In this new version Bubble has been extended to use a full WYSIWYG editor so that you can see the formatting of your script in real time.

Scripting remains completely open and cross platform - Bubble scripts are saved as HTML files that can be re-opened on any device and are compatible with word processors.


Bubble Retro Edition

The original version of Bubble, based on an easy to learn plain text markup, is still available. If you can type or write a text message, you can format your script to industry standard using Bubble.

Bubble Retro remains simple to use, will never use proprietary file formats, and does not require you to register or log in. You can write your scripts in any text editor you chose and then upload to Bubble or use the online editor to create, save, and reload your scripts.


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